* Mikron Makina performs production with the machining method in the fields of Electronics & Aerospace, Automotive Sub-Industries by using the most up to date technology, machineries and equipment.
* With approximately 40 years of its production experience, Mikron Makina takes part in specially-customized and bespoke projects and works in the processing of precision parts in cooperation with the leading companies of our country.
* In the production processes where customer requirements are a priority, quality and on-time delivery are prioritized and we continuously strive for improvement in this key area of our business.
* Mikron Makina manufactures the products with more than 100 different technological machines in 3 different premises.
* With its engineering staff, it is able to realize production and logistics management according to process planning, 3D modeling, fixture design-production and customer technical documents.
* In addition to machining in medical production processes, anodizing and ultrasonic washing processes are carried out and validation studies are carried out for all special processes performed.
* Production processes are stored in the corporate memory with Canias ERP.

İ.O.S.B. Ağaçişleri San.Sit. 1372.Sk. No:31, 06370-Yenimahalle/Ankara/Türkiye
Tel:+90312 3951700 – Fax:+90312 3958729

Factory-1: Dağyaka Mah. Dağyaka Cad. No:38-06980-Kahramankazan/Ankara/Türkiye
Tel: +90 312 8020066

Factory-2: İstanbul Yolu Saray Mah. Keresteciler Sitesi 3. Cad. No: 15-06980-Kahramankazan /Ankara/Türkiye
Tel: +90 312 815 11 36 Fax: +90 312 815 11 32
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